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Similes Praatcafé Psychose


Similes is there for you

Whether you are a parent, partner, brother or sister of someone who is mentally vulnerable or you are a friend, colleague or neighbour, your neighbour's psychological vulnerability also affects you. You have questions, a lot of questions. About matters such as treatment, living, working, relationships. You have doubts and uncertainties. The worries weigh on you and on more than one occasion you ask yourself where you can go as a person closely involved. You want to talk about it with people who are experiencing the same thing? That is possible!

The Similes offering activities take place in a friendly atmosphere. The volunteers at the activities will immediately put you at ease.

Similes Praatcafé Psychose Oost-Vlaanderen organises:

- meetings and excursions where family members enter into a conversation with each other.

- information moments on mental health topics in cooperation with expert guest speakers.

- cultural activities and afternoons of relaxation 

Through these initiatives, family members stimulate each other towards processing, independence and resilience.

Similes Praatcafé Psychose Oost-Vlaanderen helps you with information about the operation of Similes and the activities in the region. You can always go there for a conversation with a volunteer or fellow sufferer.

Similes is a pluralistic socio-cultural association of and for family members of persons with a psychological vulnerability. Similes can be found all over Flanders and in Brussels.