EN Activity history

Similes Praatcafé Psychose


An overview of the activities we have organised


Fellowship meeting:

Training of personalised management


Press conference and free new year reception.


Lecture: developments of medication in psychiatry


Film screening " A beautiful mind "


Lecture: "Short circuit in my head". Brenda Froyen talks about the course of her postnatal psychosis and about her search for a way out of this condition.


Report from pilgrimage to compostela

Info moment: Prof. Dr. D. De Wachter explains: Approaching psychosis on the basis of a vulnerability model emphasising the recovery and importance of family life

Relaxation afternoon: adventurous walk


Movie screening with debriefing: "Out of the Shadow"

An experience expert tells the story of the past 10 years about life with a mentally vulnerable person. Followed by an opportunity for questions.

Jessie de Caluwe brings "Living with psychosis".

Testimonies of family members and poems written by people with psychosis

Four-part training for those closely involved.

If someone in your family has psychological problems, dealing with psychological problems.


Relaxation afternoon. Forest walk with museum visit


Fellowship meeting. How do I experience the psychotic vulnerability of my family member?